The best rifle gun scope you should get for your .308

.308 is a unique all-around hunting cartridge which can be fired from different rifles. It has a low power consumption, low recoil, extended barrel life, easy to reload, and it is very accurate. .308 caliber rifles are so diverse and hence it is very hard to get the right gun scope. There are many gun scopes online, but a few are designed for the .308 and are very hard to find. What scope should I get for my .308? Here are the favorite rifle gun scopes you should always consider for . 308.


1. Vortex Viper

This rifle gun scope provides a brighter image and wider field of vision. It is a highly rated scope on Amazon and recommended by Ammo and Guns magazine as the best scope for low range hunting.




Vortex Viper uses low-dispersion glass in its lenses. These lenses help to increase both color depth and resolution and are fully multi-coated for glare and lower reflectivity. They are computerized to be free of any imperfections and optically indexed to deliver color and light transmission.

Vortex Viper scope has reticle with a glass etched in, to give better performance between the lens and crosshairs.

This rifle gun scope uses lower power range to have a good precision when hunting within 500 yards. The lenses provide a wide and nice field of vision. This scope has a true 1X setting for old-school hunters with an option of shooting without zooming.

Its canister is sealed and filled with argon gas for waterproofing and preventing fog inside the scope.

It is 30mm diameter which makes the tube strong and provides better latitude of adjustment.



Though this type of rifle gun scope is precise, it has a low range which cannot make long shots over 500 yards.

Its tactical turrets are more exposed hence are not vulnerable to being thumped out of place.


2. Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 with duplex reticle

This rifle gun scope is a 3-9 magnification eyepiece and has superb build quality. You don’t have to go for Swarovski since it has the best glass. It is an old school scope which is reliable, rugged and crisp.



Leupold stands out since it has a clear and a bright glass which is computer-engineered. This makes this scope to be flawless and clear when viewing.

It has a glass pairing with a 3-9x4omm spec which is a hunting range. This helps since one can cloverleaf at 100 yards in low –light situations. You can also cover MOA at 400 yards and sub –MOA at 300 yards.

It has an objective lens which provides a field of view and has a great light transmission. These lenses have blackened edges which help in reducing diffusion and glare.

Inside this rifle gun scope, there is a simple duplex reticle you need on .308 cartridges. Even if you interfere with the magnification, this type of rifle gun scope will be of the same size. This is because it is a second focal plane model.

It has adjustment knobs which have finger-click that stops for elevation and tweaking windage.

Its reticle combines the best aspects of BDC, mil-dot and other technical sights.

These type of rifle gun scope holds zero flawlessly and is very low-maintenance. It is made in the …

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