lines emerged out of an interest in creating a space in the blogosphere for deliberation and dissent in engagement with political debates in Sri Lanka and the diaspora. While Sri Lanka in particular, and South Asia more generally, are key reference points for the conversations engaged with in lines, this region is not the sole concern. We invite interventions that engage with other contexts, communitties and nations, from Gaza to Gujarat, New Orleans to Cape town. lines seeks to provide a forum that inspires and challenges us to critically scrutinize the terms of received debates and enables alternative political imaginaries. We invite you to join the conversation.

The lines blog, inaugerated on April 1st (!), is a descendent of lines magazine; the strip of graphics on the blog header, a compilation of the magazine’s cover art, is a symbolic indicater of continuity with the conversations that animated the magazine. lines magazine was in publication from 2002 to 2006 and the blog website provides a link to past issues of lines magazine; we invite readers to explore that archive.

The lines blog is moderated by S. Nanthikesan and Vasuki Nesiah. We welcome and encourage all comments but will use the editorial red pen when comments carry personalized invective that is likely to deter frank and critical dialogue rather than encourage it. Our general orientation is to have a high tolerance for political and intellectual disagreement. We will make a decision on all comments within 24 hours of submission.

In addition to comments and more informal interventions, lines is also happy to host short essays, political satire, interviews, book and film reviews, art and theatre criticism, fiction, political cartoons and poetry. In addition to posting entries online, if you want to email comments, suggestions and criticisms regarding any aspect of lines, you can contact us at info@lines-magazine.org